Growing in Faith with 4 Faith Habits...

These 4 Faith Habits reflect Biblical models of faith nurture and have been shown, via research, to be effective means of passing on the faith from generation to generation.
Could you add a new spiritual habit in your family by adding/developing one of the 4 keys?

Also, check out for practical application of faith formation in your home.

1 - Caring Conversation: Caring Conversations that show an interest in others are key times of faith nurture. Sharing joys, hurts, concerns, dreams, hopes and values.

2 - Daily Devotions: Here are some ways to develop your "Home Church" Faith Habits: Personal Prayer and Bible ReadingHome Altars & Prayer Corners; Read bible stories and story books; Pray together; Use table graces before and after meals; Pray for, and with, each other; Use Taking Faith Home (Table Top Resources for Taking Faith Home).
3 - Rituals and Traditions: Patterns of behavior that communicate certain meaning in life. Rituals to effectively communicate faith: Prayers & Blessings; Grace before meals; Bedtime prayers; Devotions; Advent calendar and/or Advent Wreath; Celebrate Baptism Birthdays; Partings e.g. `God bless'  
4 - Service: Help at a food shelf or a social service agency in your community; Visit a nursing home; Pick up trash at a local park/playground; Plan an act of kindness for a family member; Take a summer service trip; Serving one's neighbor is the response to Christ's love for us.

  We live out these faith habits every night in every home through The Faith Five.