April 10 - May 15, 6:15 - 7:45

Pastors Paul and Susan


NEW this Spring for those who are more interested in good questions than pat answers, those who are curious about religion, those who want to discuss their ideas in a lively, open way!

A new video series called, “animate Faith” brings us six contemporary young thinkers/authors in the field of religion. They offer a guided tour through the basics of Christian theology, by bringing their questions, their wonderings and their experiences of traveling this often-bumpy road of faith.

The Animate series is designed to be a unique way of digging into some of the questions we all have about faith and spirituality:
Is God real? Can we be spiritual without being religious? What is salvation? Why read the Bible? What was Jesus up to? What really happened on the cross? What does it mean to be church? Animate is a great jumping off point from wherever you are in your faith journey!

Check out the topics for each week.

Free unless you want to buy the really cool journal that goes with the series ($14.00)

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