Baptism and First Communion



Baptism is God's gift to each of us! In the Lutheran Church we believe that God's gift is available for even our youngest family members and that infants and children of any age are welcome at the font. We encourage families who are considering baptizing their infant to attend a Baptism Orientation scheduled through the church office.

The sacrament of baptism is offered on 2nd and 4th Sundays (non-Communion Sundays) and on Saturday evenings.
Baptism Orientations are held quarterly. The next scheduled orientations are:

  • February 2
  • April 20
  • June 1

To attend a Baptism Orientation and schedule a baptism please contact MaryKay

First Communion

2013 Schedule and Registration Links

Our regular practice at Immanuel is to offer Communion Instruction to students during their 5th grade year as part of the Stepping Stones curriculum. However, some children express interest in participating in the Lord’s Supper at an earlier age. If your child is one of these, please contact Martin Rathjen ( ), Minister of Faith Formation, for instructional materials for parents to use at home with their children. Upon completion of these materials we ask that the parents and child meet with a Pastor.

We invite and encourage 5th graders and parent(s), to join us for the First Communion Instruction events in preparation for our 5thgraders’ First Communion. The various parts of our First Communion Instruction include:

  • Three Sunday Mornings: During your child’s regular Sunday School hour they will go to the Youth Room (Room A) to view several videos and discuss the history behind The Passover with a teacher.
  • Two Sunday Afternoons in March, 3:00 –5:30pm:

1. Parents and students will experience a re-enactment of the Exodus and experience a sample Seder Meal – a meal in which Jewish people celebrate Passover (it was during Passover that Jesus began - “instituted” - Communion). Each participant will also design and shape their own Communion cup.

2. Parents and students will participate in a First Communion Workshop. We will gather for learning activities and classroom instruction. Each participant will glaze their communion cup and families will design and “paint” their First Communion plate. We will finish the day in the sanctuary where we will practice receiving Holy Communion.

We spend a great deal of time working in family units, so the presence of an adult is important. If a parent is unable to attend, I suggest inviting another adult who is significant in the 5th grader’s life; a baptismal sponsor, grandparent or other relative.

The First Communion Celebration is scheduled for Maundy Thursday at 7pm.

Please contact Martin Rathjen with your questions: