Bless a Backyard Program

GOAL: To teach 100 families in Lomas in 2013 to go green and produce their own food.

How You Can Be Involved: Partner with Lomas families so they can learn to ecologically produce their own food and have a safe place for their children to learn and have fun.

Your gift can transform a Mexican family´s future.

$10 a month will bless a family with 12 chickens and fresh eggs daily.

$15 a month will bless a family with a vegetable garden and rainwater collection system.

$20 a month will provide supplies for 1 day of activities for children at the Lomas Community Center

How many months will you partner with a Lomas family in 2013?

Purchasing Options:

  • Checks should be made payable to Immanuel with “Amextra” in the memo line.
  • Online credit card purchase (Note: a 1.99% transaction fee is added to online payments)

Print Your Own Gift Cards:

HOW DO LOMAS FAMILIES PARTICIPATE? Families need to feel responsible for their chicken coop or garden so that they will take good care of it for years to come. That´s why our partner families contribute 10% of the cost of materials, do all the manual labor and are encouraged to teach other families what they have learned.

AMEXTRA: AMEXTRA is a nonprofit organization that generates transformative alternatives to the poverty that many families face living in rural and urban communities of Mexico. The programs are based upon sustainable and holistic development, emphasizing community participation and ownership.