Blood Drive

Wed. Sept. 25, 3:30-6:30 pm

To sign-up you can:

  1. Schedule a donation online with Memorial Blood Centers - Enter Sponsor Code: 0409
  2. Sign-up at the Registration Desk in the atrium, or
  3. Call Darla or Ron at 952-949-2371, or
  4. Email Darla:

Did you know that Immanuel Lutheran has hosted 42 blood drives since 10/1997!

What blood is—and why it matters

Every patient is different. Each disease calls for a unique treatment regimen. And the blood component needed to save or sustain the life of a patient with a specific condition also differs from all others. While patients undergoing treatment for leukemia require platelets to promote clotting, severe burn victims need plasma, and red blood cells can often mean the difference between life and death for premature babies.

1 hour of time = 1 pint of blood = 3 components = up to 3 lives saved

Blood is :

  • Produced in the bone marrow, blood is typically collected in what is called "whole blood" and then separated into its three unique components, each delivering a life-saving benefit to someone in need.
  • Essential for life: it carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body, fights infections, and helps heal wounds. And everyone has this self-generating resource that can be generously given to others—when and where it is needed most.
    • Accidents happen 24/7 that put our friends, family, and neighbors in danger
    • Blood transfusions save the lives of cardiac patients during surgery
    • Premature infants come into the world often needing blood to survive

You or someone you know will need blood!  If not personally in need, at some point we will all know a friend, neighbor, family member, or co-worker who needs a blood transfusion. In fact, 1 out of 3 people will need blood in their lifetime. From natural disasters to unforeseen catastrophes, emergency hospital procedures to life-long battles with chronic diseases such as sickle cell, the demand for blood is constant. The supply is not. And since there is no substitute, only volunteer blood donors can roll up their sleeves and save lives.

Our next blood drive is on Wednesday, September 25, from 3:30 – 6:30. We have a commitment to fill 32 time slots.

Please contact Darla or Ron Nemec at 952-949-2371 to sign up!!

We need you and your blood to reach our goal!!