Children's Choirs

Epiphany Choir
Grades K-2
Directed by Roselyn Weber

Ascension Choir
Grades 3-6
Directed by Barb Savereide

Our children’s choirs participate in worship about once per month.

We focus on the process of becoming Christian stewards of our time and talent and developing singing and music reading skills.

We have a strong commitment to providing fun and fellowship with one another.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays at 6:15-7:00 (except during Lent when they meet at 6:05-6:50).

Children's Choir Calendar - Abbreviations: (Epi) Epiphany Choir (Asc) Ascension Choir (Reh) indicates rehearsal (Wor) indicates singing in worship (WU) indicates warm up time.