An agency dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse.

The Cornerstone ministry is about reaching out to others less fortunate. Cornerstone provides shelter and a way forward.

Immanuel has:

- been serving a monthly meal of tacos - but it represents so much more in that it shows these families God’s love alive in us and that it gives people hope for the future.been sponsoring a monthly meal at Cornerstone for over 5 years!!
- donated over $9,000 during that time to feed the families who are sheltered there.
- served over 3000 people a meal – and all of them have a smile and kind word for what we have been able to share with them.
- donated over 1000 hours of time in service to Cornerstone.

An Immanuel member shares about volunteering at Cornerstone:

“In addition to doing the monthly meals, my involvement has grown to being active in their Santa Shop at year end. This effort has involved me in helping the families find joy and love at Christmas. God works through me during that time - - and what I am able to do and how I can connect with the families has really helped me stay in touch with what Christmas is all about. “

We are always looking for volunteers to help:

- This is great faith group or family activity, but can also work for individuals who want to give back in some small way.
- We need up to 6 people to assist with the meal service each month.
- Immanuel serves on the 4th Tuesday of each month - and all it requires is to simply sign up with Brian Vik (  or 952-934-7881), then show up to serve and see the smiles of the people we help.
- Cornerstone is in Bloomington. We need volunteers to arrive around 4:30 or 5:00, and we are done by 7:00.

More information about Cornerstone: