Faith Groups

Faith groups are vital part of Immanuel’s ministry that brings people together to share faith and friendship.

  • Faith groups meet once a month and share guided discussion around a topic of common interest.
  • Gatherings begin with a short devotion and prayer led by members of the group on a voluntary basis and close with time to share food and friendship.
  • Groups are self led, deciding when and where to meet.
  • Usually members host meetings in their homes and many groups gather more than once month as ties of friendship grow.
    We all have different needs, concerns and questions regarding our life and faith.
  • Faith groups provide an opportunity to gather with others who share the same needs, concerns and questions.
    Groups are formed according to life circumstances and stages.
  • There are groups for singles and single parents and for couples in each stage of family life. There is a group for you!
    Within these groups people of faith share the concerns and challenges of daily life and find strength, wisdom, encouragement and hope for faithful living.


You can also complete a Faith Group Interest Form and return it to the church office.

For more information contact MaryKay: