Immanuel members will be sharing their faith with us in worship (one Sunday/month and on the Wednesday's of Lent), and our youth share their faith at the Confirmation retreat and at Youth! Rejoice!

You are invited to watch and listen to these stories of faith so that you may hear that God is at work in our faith community.

Jane Ann Nicholls, March 28, 2012

Ross Stager, March 21, 2012

Tony Szczepaniak. March 14, 2012

 Lorraine Maenke


Rich Strosahl shared his faith in worship on 2.29.12

Katy Gust shared her faith at Youth! Rejoice! on 2.25.12

Kyle Stengel shared his faith at Youth! Rejoice! on 2.25.12

Growing in Weekly Worship

Olivia Urbanski spoke to students at the Confirmation Retreat, Nov. 2011


Growing an Appetite for God's Word.

Ellis Morlock spoke at the Confirmation Retreat, Nov. 2011


Called & Equipped to Love & Serve

Sydney Keeler challenged us to serve Christ daily (Confirmation Retreat, Nov. 2011)


Growing a Faith That Works in Real Life.

Michael Blauert challenges us to apply faith to daily life (Confirmation Retreat, Nov. 2011)

Clare Kooiman, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011


 Rachel Trieff, Sunday, September 11, 2011


Tamara Gambino, Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Justin Daleiden. Saturday, September 10. 2011


Russ Felten. Saturday, September 10, 2011