Financial Stewardship

Stewardship at Immanuel is an integral part of faith life.

General Fund (Annual Operating Fund)

You are invited to prayerfully consider pledging an estimate of giving.  To submit a pledge click here.

You can submit your gifts/offerings to the General Fund in several ways:
  1. Simply Giving: You can arrange for automatic withdrawals from your checking or savings account using Simply Giving. Complete the Simply Giving Authorization Form and submit it to our business administrator Bill Hawkins. This is the most cost-effective way to automate your regular giving.

  2. Online: You can make an online one-time, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual gift to the General Fund. On the "Payment Page" you can make your payment in several ways:
    A) pay online with a credit card (Immanuel will pay a 3.5%/transaction fee)
    B) select "Account" and enter banking and checking information (this option costs Immanuel only .50c/transaction).

  3. Box of Envelopes: You can request envelopes – a box of giving envelopes that you can drop in the offering plate on Sundays (contact  to request envelopes).

  4. Pew Offering Envelopes: If you forget your envelope or want to make a special offering (PROP, world hunger etc.) use a pew envelope located in the envelope holders on the back of the sanctuary chairs and indicate in the memo line what the gift is for.

Five for Fifty (Capital Campaign)

You can submit your Five for Fifty (Capital Campaign) in several ways:

  1. You can submit your pledge online or print and submit the form.
  2. You can drop your offering in the offering plate on Sunday.
  3. You can make an online one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual gift to Five for Fifty.(We rejoice in the awesome way that God has blessed this campaign and enabled renewed campaign goals in 2013).

Memorial Gifts & Special Gifts

There are times when individuals would like to do something above and beyond their regular weekly giving to God. These times may be as:

  • to support a ministry that you would specifically like to support over and above your regular giving
  • a memorial to a loved one who has died,
  • a thank offering on the anniversary of a wedding, for good health,
  • a way to share in an unexpected windfall or inheritance, etc.

Special Gifts can be made directly to Immanuel or online.

Memorials are gifts to Immanuel Lutheran Church for projects and ministries which are not included in our regular budget.

You can give a Memorial Gift in one of several ways:

  1. You can simply write a check to "Immanuel Lutheran Church" and write memorial in the memo line and drop it off at the church office attn: Bill Hawkins.
  2. Make your donation online.  Go to Online Giving (Note: you will have an opportunity to indicate who the gift is being given to honor and you can suggest how you would like the gift to be used).

 For a list of current memorial projects please contact (952.937.8123 #17) or (952.937.8123 #15).


Because God Has First Given to Us

We give faithfully: we give because we believe God has made us and given us everything we have and are. It’s all God’s. Our giving is a faithful response to our gracious God.

We give obediently: In giving we live in harmony with God’s purpose for us and all of creation, as obedient stewards who serve, bless and care for the all of God’s creation, not just ourselves.

We give habitually: Giving is our way of life, it is what we were made to do, and we either make a habit of giving, or we fall into the habit of getting, of always wanting more.

We give sacrificially: Sacrificial giving happens when we give so significantly to God that we have to reevaluate our budget and what we spend on our wants. This kind of sacrificial giving helps free us from always wanting more and teaches us to be more content with what we have.

We give hopefully: God desires to change the world for good through each of us, we give trusting that God will receive our gifts, bless them, and multiply them for the blessing of others.

We give joyfully: It is better to give than to receive because in giving we connect ourselves with God and others in love. We have been blessed, what a joy it is to be able to be a blessing.

Immanuel responds to the love and grace of God with wise and generous giving:

  • Twenty percent of Immanuel’s regular offering goes back out the door to fund mission and ministry through the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA (13%) and a wide variety of outreach agencies. 
  • Immanuel celebrated 50 years of ministry in 2011 with a "Five for Fifty" capital appeal. Our goal is to pay off our debt completely by 2016 so that our next appeal can be used entirely to address ministry needs at Immanuel and a substantial amount be given to support ministry efforts of the Minneapolis Area Synod.
  • In 2013, following a tremendous response to Five for Fifty we renewed our campaign and celebrated God's faithfuness through the generosity of our congregation.