Join us in making our Vision a Reality!

We ask every Immanuel member to pray for God’s guidance and blessing as we live out our vision and better care for and serve our congregation and community.

We invite you to prayerfully consider your support of our 5 for 50 Capital Campaign in one of the following ways:

1. Current Campaign Participants: If you are a current Five for Fifty campaign contributor, thank you! Please continue to faithfully support our vision. Perhaps our improved economic climate enables you to increase your commitment to this vision. Five for Fifty Pledge Card, or submit your pledge online.

2. New Campaign Participants: If you have not yet participated in the Five for Fifty campaign you can join the vision as we move forward together. Perhaps your recent connection with Immanuel now invites you to support this vision. Five for Fifty Pledge Card, or submit your pledge online.

3. Make a One-Time Gift Now - to speed our debt reduction and move our vision forward! Five for Fifty Pledge Card, or submit your pledge online.

Renewing Five for Fifty

Two years ago the people of Immanuel celebrated our 50th anniversary of ministry with a special Five for Fifty Appeal - a 5 year capital campaign that had as its’ goal the retirement of our mortgage debt in 5 years. This debt retirement would enable us with our next capital appeal to address current ministry needs as well as support ministry efforts and outreach in Minneapolis. The response to our 5 for 50 Campaign was overwhelming with pledges coming in just $25,000 under our stretch goal of $1,800,000.

Thank you for working to release us from our debt as soon as possible so that we can hasten our move to deepen and expand ministries of caring for people within Immanuel and expand our service and care for people of Eden Prairie, the Twin Cities and world.

After just two years of the campaign:

  • the faithfulness of campaign contributors has allowed us to reduce our mortgage debt from $1.6 million to less than $800,000!
  • on May 1, 2012, we refinanced our debt which, when coupled with the Five for Fifty Campaign pre-payments, positions us to pay off our mortgage by April 2016 - six years earlier than expected!
  • we are now half-way though the campaign and we pause to celebrate, give thanks and, in light of extreme generosity, re-focus, re-invite and re-commit to our vision of ministry that is before us.

Our Church Council is now inviting us to participate in the next chapter of Immanuel’s ministry with our newly adopted Vision Statement:

God is calling us to
reach deeper into our congregation
and further out into our community
to better know and care for one another.

When our debt has been retired we will be positioned for even greater impact, as we:

  • Maintain the strength of our current ministries.
  • Expand, deepen and strengthen the caring ministries within our congregation.
  • Reach further into our community to know and care for our neighbors in Eden Prairie and the Twin Cities.
  • Support Redeemer Lutheran Church, our sister congregation in North Minneapolis.  We will: 
    • Develop relationships with people from Redeemer, and the community surrounding Redeemer, with hands-on caring ministries.
    • Support Redeemer’s Glenwood Project with people-power and $100,000 that will provide housing for students from Luther Seminary and Augsburg College to live in the Harrison Neighborhood (right across the street from Redeemer) to receive hands on training in urban ministry and transform the neighborhood for good. These students will function as an extension of the church body, connecting with the community to learn what it means to be a loving neighbor and how they might grow as leaders in the world.
  • Continue to be a welcoming faith community that cares deeply for visitors and members:
    • Expand our parking lot to communicate that there is “room for you” at Immanuel Lutheran Church
    • Improve our street-side signage that communicates who we are and how we can serve our neighbors
    • Sanctuary enhancements including a projection system and new platforms for the altar area

Gifts can be made in several ways.

You can submit a pledge: