History of Immanuel 

Giving Thanks for Where We Have Been.

  • In 1961 the people of Old Immanuel Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, when closing the doors for the final time after 75 years of ministry, gave their final assets to plant a daughter congregation bearing its name way out on the edge of the cities in a small farming town called Eden Prairie. For more details on "Old Immanuel" click here.
  • In 1998 we visioned a growing ministry. This vision succesfully included:
    • a new sanctuary and other building expansion
    • the call for greater investment and commitment to children, youth and adult faith formation
    • growing our worship and music ministry.
    • partnership with Vibrant Faith Ministries (formerly the Youth and Family Institute)
    • focus on the 4 Faith Habits (Daily Devotions, Caring Conversations, Rituals and Traditions, and Service)
  • Living into that vision cast all those years ago has made Immanuel a stronger faith community that is more engaged in living out faith, giving and serving, and sharing the love of God.
  • How have we done this? Through the power of the Holy Spirit and with a committed vision of helping people live out their faith in daily life, calling excellent staff to lead this work, and growing our commitment to benevolence to where we now give 20% of our offerings to support God’s work in the world.  Immanuel is changing lives for good and for God.

Positioned for Growing Forward

As we give thanks for God's work in our faith community we share a hope for the next fifty years that is brighter than ever. We move forward from a place of blessing and strength. We are blessed with…

  • Inspiring worship and music ministry.
  • Youth and confirmation ministry that are changing the lives of our youth and adults.
  • Family and Children’s ministry that are equipping people to pass faith on to their children and raise up the next generation of God’s people.
  • A faithful community that is marked by genuine love, contagious joy, and infectious generosity!  

In 2012 we begin another intentional visioning process as we seek God's guiding and leading for Immanuel.