Immanuel is excited to unveil a new logo that represents Immanuel’s vision for ministry.

In 2012 Immanuel began an intentional visioning process to seek God's guiding and leading for the future. This process included over 300 Faith to Faith conversations, listening to the needs of the congregation and the needs of the community, which was followed by opportunities for the congregation to review, discern and reflect on God’s calling.

At the January 2013 annual meeting the congregation adopted a vision statement as a summary of this year-long process:

God is calling us to
reach deeper into our congregation
and further out into our community
to better know and care for one another.

This vision statement was succinctly stated with the tag-line: Called to care. Sent to serve.

The vision statement and tag-line will shape Immanuel’s ongoing mission to: Celebrate that God is with us! Grow as Christ works in us! Serve as the Spirit loves through us!

Immanuel is envisioning a faith community that continues to equip and empower people for faithful service in daily life and engages, cares and connects with a changing community.

You can expect to see the new logo gradually integrated into all Immanuel communications over the next several months.


The logo story

Immanuel’s new logo was designed to reflect that Immanuel is a vibrant Lutheran faith community that is: Called to care. Sent to serve.
The symbolism inherent in the various design elements is outlined below:

Central Cross: The cross of Christ is central in Immanuel’s sanctuary as it is a powerful symbol of God’s great love. Similarly, the cross – a stylized version of the Immanuel cross - is central in the design.

Diagonals: The intersection of God’s love and our daily lives is where faith is lived out. The design suggests that we are drawn to Christ, gathered in community, and sent to serve.

Colors: The vibrant colors depict the hues of our sanctuary cross and communicate the warmth and hospitality of Immanuel’s people. The gradient from yellow to orange symbolizes an active and dynamic faith community that is moving forward in ministry to a changing world.

Contemporary Font: The typeface communicates that Immanuel’s ministries are current and relevant for today, while boldly claiming Lutheran identity.

Stylized: The overlapping cross and diagonals create a variety of shapes that one may see. Each person brings unique insights, gifts and abilities to Immanuel’s common vision.

Designer: Immanuel thanks Todd Monge for this insightful and meaningful design.