2nd Grade - The Lord's Prayer

Second Graders and Parents
Sundays, March 10, 17 & 24
9:30 -10:30am, Luther Hall

  • What is prayer? Is it a magic wand we wave in front of God to get God to turn events and situations to our advantage? Is it simply a conversation? Is it worship? Why, when and how can we talk to God?
  • Jesus gave us a guide in Matthew 6, what we now call The Lord’s Prayer. In this series we will help children to understand the concepts embedded in the Lord’s Prayer: the holiness of God, God’s provision, the importance of forgiving as well as being forgiven, and so on. We will learn about prayer through experiential learning and parent-child interaction. You can expect to have fun as you learn with your child!
  • This three-week series will take the place of your child’s Sunday School class for these weeks. Therefore:
    • we invite you to this 9:30am learning experience and then we encourage you to worship with your family at either the 8 or 11am worship services.
    • there will not be a Sunday School class for your child at 9:30 or 11am.
    • If you have other children, they may attend Sunday School at their regular time or may switch to the other hour for these three weeks.
    • If your child will be switching hours, please let Kim know so that she can plan accordingly.
    • If you have questions about these arrangements please contact Kim or me.