Media and Marketing Information

Immanuel is proud of the many things we have to offer to our members and the community. We also like to share the news of God's love by promoting our events and missions and inviting all to participate in them.
Freqeuntly, news articles are written and photos are taken at these events. Immanuel will then use these articles and photos in its newsletter, on its website, in brochures or other marketing pieces produced by and for the church and occasionally in outside publications.

We understand and respect everyones right to privacy and feel that if you or your family wish to not have your names or images used in this way, that you complete our Denial of Media Release Form and return it to our office. Because we open up all of our events to members and non-members alike, we encourage all who participate in events but may not want their names or images used to consider completing this form.

If you have any questions about any of the marketing or promotions of Immanuel Lutheran Church, please contact the church office at 952-937-8123 or email us