Music as Ministry 

All God's children got a place in the choir!


The music ministry at Immanuel is vital to our worship experience at Immanuel.

  • We believe that through our dedication to excellence in preparation and presentation of our music in worship, we open the windows of the souls of the musicians and the listeners to receive the word of God and enter into Christ’s presence fully.
  • We aim to provide musical and spiritual leadership to the congregation and our community by developing and sustaining musical activities and ensembles that incorporate diversity in musical styles.
  • We promote active and robust congregational singing and participation in worship. 

Short term events and ensembles: We are constantly updating our lists of people of all ages who would like to sing or play solos, duets and trios in worship, and we use these musicians in worship almost every week. Every year, we present several cantatas of J.S. Bach. We also assemble musicians for medium sized wind, string and vocal ensembles on a regular basis. 

 For more information contact Minister of Music, Gary Thrasher: