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 How to Subscribe to our Podcast

Process for subscribing (desktop/laptop computer):
1. Open iTunes
2. Go to iTunes store
3. Search Immanuel Lutheran Church
4. Click on the icon then click “subscribe”
5. Once subscribed, go to your podcast library and click “settings”
6. I have my settings set to check for new episodes every day but it can be changed to hourly, daily, weekly, or manually

Process for subscribing (QR code).
1. Open QR code program on your smartphone.
a. If you don’t have one, click here, or install one from your app store
2. Scan code
3. Follow directions to subscribe to the podcast.

Process for Subscribing via Immanuel’s Website
1. Click on the small iPod icon on the left/bottom of this page
2. Click on, “Click here to auto-subscribe in iTunes”


Immanuel’s RSS feed is: