Table Graces Prayer Cards


This deck contains 54 cards:

  • 7 cards provide hints on prayer,
  • 36 cards contain table graces and
  • 10 cards are left blank. With the blank cards, write the name of each family member on a card, one name per card. With any remaining cards, write your favorite grace on a card, or duplicate the names of family members until all 10 cards contain a name or grace.

Begin play with a full deck:

  • On the first day, pick the top card and say/sing the listed grace.
  • During the meal, discuss the Action item on the card.
  • If the name of a family member is drawn, then that person should say the prayer for that meal.
  • Each day, draw a new card until all cards have been used, then start all over with the full deck.

The cost is $5 per deck (or $10 for a Travel Worship & Devotions Kit). 

Orders must be picked up at the church office.