Rezek House

We invite you to pray for Rezek House, transitional housing for homeless youth, one step in the LSS Homeless Youth program.
Wilder Research estimates that, on any night in the state of Minnesota, 2,500 youth and young adults are homeless and unaccompanied by an adult. In any year, 10,000 youth experience homelessness in Minnesota.

- Youth homelessness has jumped 46% in Minnesota since 2006.
- Rezek House, a part of LSS, gives a desperately needed safe place and a source of life skills for homeless youth of the Twin Cities area.
- It takes ten churches donating $10,000 each to keep Rezek viable. Immanuel is one of Rezek’s consistent supporters. With the latest economic downturn, several churches have dropped their support of Rezek, and LSS must take funds from other programs to keep this program running.
- The youth who complete the Rezek program have gone on to serve in areas such as nursing, social work, and even social law. It is a genuinely lifesaving work.

One story is that of Paris, a young lady who slept every night in hospital emergency rooms (because no one would question her being there) and took a shower in the school locker room in the morning. Paris found Rezek, and after completing her two-year program there, she attended MCTC and continued on to obtain her degree in social work. She is now serving young adults who are in the same situation as she was.

The most important thing which the residents need are items for living such as linens, kitchen items, bath items, diapers, and other day-to-day items. You will find these in the bulletins once a month.

Because Rezek does obtain some federal and state funding, they are obliged to follow the privacy laws which affect all young people. However, if you are interested in reading more about the entire program, you can find information at this website: