Snapshots of God

 You are invited to submit photos of where you have seen, experienced or felt God's work and/or presence in your life. Submit your photo and share how/why your photo is evidence of God's work in your life. Email photos to  


Submitted by: Paul Nelson
Paul saw a "Snapshot of God" when the congregation blessed our students and leaders going on the mission trip to North Carolina. God is at work in our faith community.



 Kallie Nichols is on a short-term mission project in Africa! This photo proclaims the presence of God in and through Kallie!


We packed approximately 235 Snack Packs on Sunday, June 2! Kids, families and adults all pitched in and worked so quickly and with such purpose to help our neighbors in EP and Chanhassen. I saw Jesus in each of them, reaching out to help others and promising to pray for the kids who will be nourished by that food this summer. ~ Cari Larson