Taking Faith Home ….

Taking Faith Home, for the week of

July 28, 2013

July 21, 2013

July 14, 2013

July 7, 2013

Taking Faith Home Includes: Scripture, Prayers & Blessings... 

Daily Bible Readings-A Bible reference is given for each day of the week, picking up a theme or themes from the Sunday reading. These can be used by individuals or the whole family.

Scripture Verses for the Week– One or two key Bible Verses are printed out from an easy-to-read translation. Say these aloud when you gather. Try to memorize some throughout the year.

Short Prayers based on the readings are included “For the Week” and “for throughout the day.” Families can pray these together or they can be used for personal devotions.

The Words to Share can be spoken responsively by family members. Introduce this simple practice as a way of hearing God’s Word in your home each day .

Mealtime Prayer— A different mealtime prayer is provided each week for you to say together before you eat.

A Blessing to Give – Bless each other in your home each day with a Scripture-based blessing.

1. The Church Bulletin edition is a double-sided A5 insert. The “Four Keys” materials are included on the reverse side. Available in each Sunday’s bulletin and when you subscribe to our weekly congregational news.

2. The Home Table edition includes only the Scripture Verse, “Words to Share”, Mealtime Prayer and the “Blessing to Give.” It is the same on both sides and is designed to fit into an A5 menu holder. Place this on your meal table for easy reference throughout the week.  Only available by subscribing: info@immanuel.us 
Taking Faith Home Table Top Holder can hold either the "Church Bulletin Edition" or the "Home Table Edition." Available at Immanuel - $3.

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