Vision 2013

As the goals and objecties from our previous visioning have been achieved and completed, we begin a new visioning process and are prayerfully, faithfully seeking God’s guidance as we develop a plan to continue to grow in faith and serve our community and world.

We have developed an intentional 3-phase visioning process that will unfold from August, 2012 - February, 2013: Overview of the Process. For details and results of this process please follow the links below:


Phase One (August - October)

Faith to Faith Conversations (August - October, 2012)

Community Listening Forum (Oct. 7, 2012)


 Phase Two (November)

Review & Discern

5 Key Challenges & Opportunities:

  1. Isolation and Hospitality/Witness
  2. Diversity and Community Connections
  3. Generational Issues and Ministry
  4. Worries and Fears/Service Ministry
  5. Unrealistic Expectations and Vocation


Phase Three - Summary & Reporting (December - January)

The Vision Leadership Team will work with the Church Council to summarize and prioritize our vision.

The final Statement of Vision will be shared with the congregation at our annual meeting, January 27.