Called to care. Sent to serve.

Vision Statement:

God is calling us to
reach deeper into our congregation
and further out into our community
to better know and care for one another.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to:

CELEBRATE that God is with us!
Immanuel is a vibrant worshipping community of faith. In response to all that Christ has done we celebrate in our worship and fellowship, and we joyfully live out our faith in daily life.

GROW as Christ works in us!
Immanuel takes Jesus call to discipleship to heart for all ages, including children, young people and adults. Through devotion, caring conversation and learning we grow together in faith and in love toward one another.

SERVE as the Spirit loves through us!
Immanuel is a congregation empowered and inspired by the Holy Spirit to raise up the gifts and talents God has given his children and put those gifts to use in the service and blessing of others, that they might know God’s love.