Weddings and Funerals


We are delighted that you are interested in being married at Immanuel. The Wedding Booklet is written as an aid for you as you make a host of decisions and arrangements leading up to your wedding day. Since what we believe about marriage informs our practice, our aim is to clearly set forth what we believe marriage worship to be at Immanuel. The balance of this booklet will describe our customs and how they will support you on your wedding day.  Contact for more information.


Immanuel shares the love and grace of Christ with the grieving. To arrange pastoral care and to discuss funeral arrangements please contact MaryKay (assistant to the pastors):  



The Columbarium:

  • provides a final resting place for the ashes of those who have been cremated.
  • continues the tradition of many country churches which often included a cemetery on the grounds.

For information on purchasing a niche please contact Church Administrator Bill Hawkins –